1983 19


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Strategic importance of Cheju island in the context of changing external environment and national development goalsRo, Chung-Hyun
1983(The)Role of the tertiary sector in the diversification of the Hong Kong economyChen, Edward K.Y
1983Phasing of a multifunctional IFTA in the Pacific areaBurke, James E
1983Critical evaluation of Hong Kong's free port status :Present and futureYamamoto, Hiromi
1983How are foreign firms attracted to operate in SingaporeAnn, Lee Soo
1983New Approaches to developing multi-functional free trade areasLee, Jeong-Sik
1983Penang's development 1970-1983 :A case study in planned growth and unplanned consequencesSalih, Kamal
1983각국의 역외금융지역사례연구국토개발연구원
1983대만의 토지증치세와 공정수익비국토개발연구원
1983도시재정의 개선방안연구국토개발연구원
1983International conference on Cheju regional developmentKRIHS
1983Design for Cheju regional development :Policies and implicationsPark, Soo-Young
1983Opening the gateway of Korea to the PacificKwon, Tai-joon
1983Planning for externally stimulated regional growth :Implication of tourism and free trade zones for regional developmentRondinelli, Dennis A
1983(The)Study of Cheju regional development with reference to Japanese experiencesKonno, Akira
1983New approach to regional development :The case of Cheju IslandKim, Eui-Won
1983현행 개발이익환수제도와 개선방안연구국토개발연구원
1983지역산업연관표 작성방안 연구국토개발연구원