2013 15


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013(KRIHS SPECIAL REPORT 24) Analysis on the Effects of Housing Policy for Rural Areas in Korea :Using System Dynamics ModelKang Mi-na
2013(KRIHS SPECIAL REPORT 23) The National Minimum Standard on Transport Services of the Road Infrastructure's AccessibilityKo Yong-seok
2013(KRIHS SPECIAL REPORT 22) A Study on the Urban Industrial Location Policy for the Vitalization of Regional EconomySeo Yeon-mi
2013(KRIHS SPECIAL REPORT 20) A Study on Transport Infrastructure Policy in Smart Knowledge Society :Focusing on the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on travel behaviorLee Back-jin
2013(KRIHS SPECIAL REPORT 21) A Study of the Status Diagnosis on Health and Longevity in Cities by Region for the Improvement of the Quality of LifeKim Tae-hwan
2013(KRIHS SPECIAL REPORT 19) A Paradigm Shift and Policies for River Management in KOREAPark Taesun
2013창조산업 집적현황과 지역연계전략박경현
2013지역산업의 고용파급효과 모형 구축 및 활용남기찬
2013낙후지역 개발사업의 추진실태 및 실효성 제고방안변필성
2013도농교류시대의 농촌지역 특성과 정책방안김창현
2013압록강유역에서의 남·북·중 초국경협력을 위한 실천전략 연구김천규
2013저성장시대의 일자리창출을 위한 신산업입지 전략강호제
2013저성장시대 행복한 지역발전의 조건과 지표개발 연구권영섭
2013해외개발금융의 과제와 활성화 방안 :2013 글로벌 개발협력 역량강화 세미나국토연구원 GDPC
20132013 Korea-Russia Far East ForumASAK