1987 19

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987-12-01Changes in regional inequality over the development path : The case of Korea 1964~1978Yim, Chang Ho
1987-12-01土地稅制에 대한 歷史的 考察이정전
1987-12-01上水需要函數 推定노기성
1987-12-01Simultaneous determination of optimal maintenance and rebuilding policy for housesKim, Young Pyo
1987-12-01우리나라와 日本의 災害對策 比較 硏究이상훈; 김선희
1987-12-01(The)effect of wealth on the demand for owner-occupied housing : A further evidenceLee, Kyu Bang; Kim, Hyunsik
1987-12-01墓地制度의 課題와 改善方案윤양수; 최영국
1987-06-01住宅의 物理的 構成要素에 대한 選擇行態分析한동근
1987-06-01韓國製造業特化係數分析 : 生活圈을 中心으로정병한
1987-12-01海岸島嶼 地域의 開發實態와 向後의 課題엄기철
1987-06-01都市行政과 意思決定支援시스템변홍수
1987-06-01Multivariate statistical techniques applied in water resources researchLee, Sang Hoon
1987-06-01Optimal pricing and output of congestible public goods in Tiebout communityNo, Keesung
1987-06-01時系列 模型에 의한 建設活動의 豫測김재영
1987-06-01湖水水質의 合理的 管理方案최지용; 김선희
1987-06-01Regional technological catch-up process in the Korean manufacturing development, 1966-198Park, Yang-Ho
1987-06-01Housing tenure and residential mobility : A multi-choice logit approachKim, Hyun-Sik
1987-06-01Residential mobility as housing consumption adjustment process : A case in SeoulKim, Jeong Ho
1987-06-01韓日間 地域均衡發展의 比較分析조정제